Wesley United Methodist Church
Monday, September 28, 2020
903 Center St., Bryan, Ohio

For Adults

"If your heart is as my heart, give me your hand." 

  John Wesley, founder of Methodism

A relationship between two or more of Christ's followers is simply a heart-to-heart matter.  When two or more people know Christ, they have something wonderful in common.  Therefore, they should embrace one another as family.  Church involvement draws us closer to Jesus and closer to one another. 
Being a part of the church is more than occupying a seat.  There's a place for everyone in ministry, servant hood and leadership.  There's enjoyment in fellowship and fun ways to be involved while you are growing spiritually.
Looking for a way to get involved? Check out the many activities, classes and groups that are meeting.  You can find some of them mentioned on this page, but also look to our web page, Announcements for something "new".   You are always welcome.