Wesley United Methodist Church
Monday, September 28, 2020
903 Center St., Bryan, Ohio

Special Events

Wesley UMC hosts periodic special events, concerts, speakers and so forth that are open to the community.   

Details on these events can be viewed on the Announcements page as the event date draws nearer.


Christmas Eve

Special services, often including a family-centered as well as traditional candlelight, are part of our Christmas Eve celebration.


Confirmation Sunday

Youth participating in a program of preparation declare their trust in the saving grace of God and set out in a new life with Christ.

After formal classes, one-on-one meetings with an adult Mentor and reaching required goals, participating youth now have a good understanding of Christian faith and Methodist beliefs.  During this ritual of Confirmation, they profess repentance of sins and surrender themselves for God's purpose in this world.


Veneration Sunday

We honor our members of 50 years or more.

During Traditional Worship Service, we set one Sunday aside in the fall to draw attention to our faithful and dedicated members of 50 or more years.

All Saints Sunday

Remembering those we love.

In the fall, we honor those who have passed away in the past year with a blessing, reading of their name and presentation of flowers at the altar during the Traditional Worship Service.

Consecration Sunday

 An opportunity to re-dedicate ourselves to church membership and service to God.

During this annual worship service, the sermon orients our focus back to centering our lives on God and our commitment to His Church.  We are then invited to participate in a vow of reaffirmation.